How to Stake ADA in Daedalus Mainnet App

First, download the Daedalus Mainnet wallet. Navigate to Daedalus – Cryptocurrency wallet (, ensure that you are using the correct Daedalus wallet as you do not want to be scammed out of your coins.

REMEMBER: Never send your ADA to an address, that is NOT what staking is.

This should be the Daedalus landing page you land on. As the warning mentions above, ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU ARE VISITING Daedalus – Cryptocurrency wallet (

Click on Download to download the wallet that applies to the operating system that you will be using.

Once downloaded the application will appear on your desktop. For this tutorial we are using the windows version.

Next, open the app. You may need to create a wallet. Click on the wallet symbol and at the bottom choose the wallet type you want to use.

You will be brought to the next screen. Choose the type of wallet you want to create.

On you have the wallet setup, fund the wallet, by purchasing ADA on any exchange such as coinbase, and send to your Daedalus wallet.

Click on the 2nd square from the top shown in the below screenshot:

Next click on the furthest right Epoch that shows up shown below:

After clicking delegate, follow the instructions that pops up on the next screen shown below:

Choose the Wallet selection you want to use.

Next choose the pool you want to stake with.

We are going to choose our pool for this example, Donator Stake Pool, which offers promotions for staking with us (earn 1000 ADA with eligible ADA staking denominations!)

Press continue and you will be prompted to confirm the delegation to begin staking. The “spending password” is the password you used to setup the wallet with.

Press Confirm, and the transaction will be confirmed. You will then see on the staking screen what pool you are staking with.

Once you confirm your transaction details you are now staking! Congratulations!

If you liked this walkthrough, please consider supporting us and our newly created stake Pool Donator!

We are looking for new delegators and offer the following:

  • 0.33% Fee – 100% Donated to Charity! Including the 340 ADA fixed fee is donated to charity!
  • New stakers can earn $SPE tokens as well every Epoch by confirming they’re BEP-20 address with us and help Save Planet Earth! Email!
  • Through 8/31, stake with us and earn the chance to win 1,000 ADA! Learn more here
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